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There is a constant tussle between the republicans and the democrats and the comments made one each other make the reading very interesting. One quote by Adlai E Stevenson says, “I have been thinking that I would be making a proposition to my republican friends…that if they will stop talking lies about the democrats we will stop telling the truth about them”. Both the parties say they serve the people with utmost faith and earnestness. But it is difficult to come to terms with each other. Will Rogers says, “The difference between a republican and democrat is the democrat is a cannibal –the have to live off each other while the republicans live off the democrats”. The underlying subtle satire and sarcasm is evident in every quote. They never miss a chance to take a dig at each other. In their tussle, we get interesting quotes. Read this collection of quotes on republicans and share them with your friends.


Bill Richardson

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