Self-reliance Quotes & Sayings

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Self Reliance means belief in one’s powers of judgement. Self reliance is akin to self belief and self trust. Self reliance and belief in oneself is important to succeed in life. Someone who has lack of trust in himself or herself can never take decisions independently and confidently. A self reliant person always has arguments to support his opinion which often gives them credibility. In the words of Anne Bronte, “I would not send a poor girl into the world, ignorant of the snares that beset her path; nor would I watch and guard her, till, deprived of self-respect and self-reliance, she lost the power or the will to watch and guard herself.” Poverty breeds lack of self reliance. Freedom comes from strength and self-reliance. Self reliance reflects belief in one’s decisions and thinking, which is supported by proper facts, figures and arguments.


Napoleon Hill

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