Insecurity Quotes & Sayings

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Insecurity is nothing but lack of security which might be a calculated risk, data insecurity or network insecurity. When it comes to psychology, insecurity has a different meaning all together. Insecurity refers to the feeling of uneasiness or nervousness which one suffers when one feels that one is vulnerable in some or the other way. Insecurity causes shyness, paranoia or even withdrawal from socialising and mixing with others or it may trigger some abnormal kind of behaviours such as arrogance, bullying and aggression. All of as humans are emotionally vulnerable beings who are susceptible to be victims of emotional insecurity. Danielle Dax had once remarked, “I find it strange the way human nature wants heroes and yet wants to destroy their heroes. It's a kind of mass insecurity people want something to look up to and get a buzz off but, at the same time, want to destroy it because it makes them feel insecure.” Insecurity can also be felt in the vicinity or people who are financially or in some other way better equipped than oneself.



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