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Self improvement is a self guided improvement leading to growth on the economic, intellectual and emotional front. All kinds of self improvement methods aim at achieving growth and transform us into a better individual. Self improvement can be brought about in a number of ways. Firstly, you should give up procrastination. Secondly, focus should be on living in the present rather than thinking of the future. Thirdly, you should learn to face all your fears bravely. Fourthly, you should learn to take things in your stride and accept them the way they are. Lastly, you should be generous and kind towards others because generosity always comes back. Self improvement is completely in the hands of an individual and he or she can work towards it. In the words of Steve Ballmer, “So, I think the output of our innovation is great. We have a culture of self-improvement. I know we can continue to improve. There is no issue. But at the same time, our absolute level of output is fantastic.”


Sonya Parker

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