Sentimentality Quotes & Sayings

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The quality or state of being sentimental is called sentimentality. Someone who is sentimental is said to exceedingly emotional who does not keep feelings and opinions to himself. A sentimental person carries emotion on his sleeves. In the words of Robert Frank, “I always say that I don't want to be sentimental, that the photographs shouldn't be sentimental, and yet, I am conscious of my sentimentality.” A sentimental person has no control over emotions and lets them come to the fore easily. A sentimental person exhibits the trait of sentimentality. A sentimentalist, according to Oscar Wilde is a person who wants to have the luxury of emotion without paying for it. Sentimentality is the flamboyant display of excessive and spurious emotions. It is deemed to be a mark of dishonesty. In the words of Norman Mailer, Sentimentality is the emotional promiscuity of those who have no sentiment.”



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