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Testing is the act of trial or proficiency of an item, entity or person. Testing in computer programming may be of two types i.e. software testing and unit testing. In unit testing, individual units of a source code are tested so as to check whether they will work or not. Software testing is also an important part of programming which aims to check whether the prepared software works properly after it has been developed. According to Jesse James Garrett, “Building technical systems involves a lot of hard work and specialized knowledge: languages and protocols, coding and debugging, testing and refactoring.” In general terms, testing anyone is just subjecting a person to some strict examination or labour so as to check his proficiency and credentials. Thereby, testing becomes one of the means of bringing out the best in a person. In the words of Walter Annenberg, “Adversity tests us from time to time and it is inevitable that this testing continues during life.”


Manna Sangma

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