Spring Quotes & Sayings

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Spring is one amongst the four conventional temperate seasons. Spring precedes summers and follows winters. The season of spring in the northern hemisphere implies autumn season in the southern hemisphere. Days are nearly 12 hours long at the time of spring equinox and the length increases as the spring season progresses. Spring and springtime both refer to the season and the spring season signifies Rebirth, renewal, regrowth, renewal or something coming back to life. Spring is perhaps the most vibrant season amongst all the four seasons. "Spring" is used as a term to signify the start of better times as in "Prague Spring". The beginning of the spring season is not determined by fixed calendar dates but by certain biological indicators such as blooming of a certain plant species or that unique smell of soil which allows micro flora to thrive well. The beginning of spring is hence determined by the climate and the weather for a particular year in a particular country.


Adrienne Clark

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