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Surreal is a type of art or literature that aims to represent the subconscious mind through imageries there are various kinds of views by thinkers and philosophers on surrealism. Paul delvaux says, “Surrealism is a reawakening of the poetic idea in art, the reintroduction of the subject but in a very particular sense that of the strange and illogical”. But it is not easy to picturize a thought as only a talented few can do it. Generally we forget what we saw in our dreams but it is hard to remember it and bring it into art. That is why Susan Sontag says, “Surrealism in painting amounted to little more than the contents of a meagrely stocked dream world; a few witty fantasies, mostly wet dreams and agoraphobic nightmares”. So, like the art of surrealism the concept itself is vivid and there cannot be a concrete definition to it. Here is a collection of the diversified views on surrealism.


Jeremy Limn

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