Happy New Year Quotes & Sayings

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The last week of December is much about revelry and celebrations, celebrations welcoming the onset of a new calendar year. People rejoice and celebrate this event on the last day of the year popularly known as 'New years' eve' with friends and family. As the clocks strike twelve at midnight, they all celebrate the much awaited and 'happy new year'. For many that's when the party just begins and it lasts all night long. 'Happy new year' is perhaps the most popular of all the greetings that exist. It has been prominently used for almost a century now amongst friends and families in all parts of the globe. The greeting card galleries are thronged by people who wish to send their greetings across in a special way. The 'new year' day is also marked by fire crackers, warm greetings, late night parties, events, drinks etc. and not to forget the catchphrase of the day 'Happy New Year'.


Sonya Parker

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