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Volleyball is a world-renowned sport, and especially popular in the Americas. Volleyball is said to have been originated in the United States of America towards the twilight of the 19th century. This sport is a contest between two teams playing on either side of a net. Each team comprises of six members. As the name suggests a player from a particular team serves the ball into the opponent’s court and the opposition can volley with the ball up to three times to return it back to the other team. Both the teams score points by either grounding the ball in the opposition’s court or by inducing a fault from the opponents. A game is decided in the best of five sets. The game is most popularly played on indoor courts. However, of late, beach Volleyball has gained much prominence. The mid-twentieth century saw the sport of Volleyball evolving and captivating the minds of various countries. As a result of these refinements, it was officially included in the Summer Olympics in 1964.

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