Young Death Quotes & Sayings

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A young death can be defined as death at a premature or young age due to reasons other than aging. It is quite difficult and painful for family and friends to come to terms with the young death of someone amongst them. Someone, whom they loved to the core, sadly though, is no more. A young death is even harder to take and brings about a lot of grief, trauma and disgust. However, as they say, time heals it all. People move on and things are eventually restored to normalcy. Death has been so aptly put into perspective in the following lines- “For what is born, death is certain. For the dead, birth is certain. Therefore grieve over not what is unavoidable.” – Bhagavad Gita. This implies that death is inevitable and is bound to come to every living creature, young or old, male or female, regardless of discrimination on any grounds. Birth and death form a cycle.



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