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New beginnings are what we all require at frequent intervals in life to break the monotony which brings stagnation to our lives. Life is a strange, humdrum affair where at times one might be prompted to turn over a new leaf and go for a change. New beginnings provide a change in life and can prove to be beneficial depending upon the way you look towards them. There is a well-known saying that everything happens for our own good. In life, one should graciously accept everything that comes our way, be it a new beginning too. New beginnings can be of various types. For example, once we enter adolescence and enter college life, it’s completely a 360 degree change. College life is a new beginning, which you can utilize to explore life all the more, broaden your horizon and have fun. Thereafter, comes the professional life which is a different ball game altogether. This new beginning is the time when you learn how to fend for yourself and how to fend for yourself. So, new beginnings are a part and parcel of life and must be accepted whole heartedly. According to Pliny the Elder, “From the end, spring new beginnings.”


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