Mourning Quotes & Sayings

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Mourning the death of a dear one is a natural thing and it cannot be suppressed. All of us have gone through this feeling as in some point of life; we have lost a near or dear person. Mourning can either go on for years or months or days but it is better to pour out the feelings in mourning because if it is suppressed, it will double itself. Mourning the death leaves such heartache that no one can heal. Only time is the best healing factor. Mourning is a part of life but it does not halt all our activities because the rest of the life should move on. “We must embrace pain and burn it a fuel for our journey’ said Kanji Miyazawa. Mourning certainly needs a shoulder to cry on and the best thing to do is read quotes on mourning given by philosophers and thinkers who have analyzed and written on mourning.



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