Just Stay Strong
Staying strong is one of the hardest things we must do in life. When we are persevering we must remember that anyone can give up when faced with hardship, that is the easiest way out of any situation. Life is full of adversity and challenges; they are the part of the journey towards our dreams that shape us into who we are. Don't be overcome by the thought of not being able to conquer the obstacles in your path and just turn around.

You must overcome these obstacles for doing so will give you strength, and will only add to your bank of courage and confidence for future endeavors. Just stay strong! Never let anything deter you from the path that you know in your heart is the path that you should be taking, but instead embrace the idea of a challenge or obstacle in your way that you must overcome because the benefits of overcoming what is in your way are far greater than the benefits of just giving up!

Follow Your Heart
Follow your heart.
Many of us are quick to assume that if we are breathing and functional that we are actually "alive". Being alive is actually being the person who you really are at heart. You might be living your life, but that life may not constitute you being alive if you aren't living as the person who you really know you are. So many of us feel pressure to run our lives as those who claim they love us want us to live it.
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Take Risks, Be Happy, Stay Positive
Take risks, be happy, stay positive.
When we were young we really didn't understand what risks were, we just did things as we saw fit to do them. Sometimes as older individuals we need to take risks as we did when were young. Instead of the over analyzing and the procrastination sometimes we just have to look into our hearts, and "just do" things.
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Tomorrow Is Not Promised
Why are you always waiting, tomorrow isn't guaranteed.
The feeling and notion that some put their faith in, that tomorrow will be the day that they choose to do the things that they know they need to do today in their hearts, is a feeling that will eventually leave them very regretful. Why wait on tomorrow? Everything that you can attempt tomorrow is usually something that you can attempt today. Waiting on tomorrow is like playing with fire.
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Be All That You Can Be
Be, you can be everything.
Becoming the person that you want to be is a lifelong journey. Everyday we should learn something new about life, and about ourselves. Some people choose to value who they are by the pursuit and acquisition of material things, instead of trying to gain and pass qualities to others that will last for generations to come. Being everything that you can be involves the pursuit of becoming better than you were the day before.
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Inspirational Quote On Patience
Before you talk, listen. Before you read, think. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try.
Before we take action sometimes we must be willing to be patient and use our brains to set up situations. Though it is a necessity to gain knowledge from other sources besides our own experience, it is always best to think about what is best for ourselves as we proceed through our daily lives in order to achieve the goals we have set forth in our lives.
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Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight
Fall seven times, stand up eight.
The hardest time to recoup is when we are at the bottom. It is hard to get up again when we feel that we may have lost everything we have, or when we may have failed for what we thought was the last time. Remember that you aren't the only person in the world that has fallen. We have all encountered major challenges, come worse than what you may even be going through right now.
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Your Importance To Others
You were born because you are going to be important to someone.
Every one of us is going to be a special person to someone we meet in our lives. That doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to grow up and find your Mr. or Mrs. right at the perfect age of 25. It may mean that by following your dreams or goals that you set up for yourself in life that you inspire a nation to do the same. It may mean that as a single father or mother, the most important subject(s) of your life your children will look at you as a superhero. It may mean that your ideas or inventions help the world from generations to come with the survival of those who inhabit it.
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Turning Your Life Around
Every second is a chance to turn your life around.
Too many times people get stuck on their pasts, and let their pasts weigh them down more and more and eventually get to the point to where they are no longer productive members of society. Some of us think that just because we feel stuck in a certain way of life or lifestyle that we are forever condemned to it. With a lot of hard work, a serious change in our mindset, and usually with a complete change in the environment we are around everyday, we can change our lives at any given time.
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Learning To Let Go
Its hard to hold on to something that you know would never be yours in any way you think of. You just have to learn to let go and face the fact that while good things never last, some don't even start.
There are many times in life when we badly want something or someone that we will probably never have, whether the fault lie on us, another person, or the circumstances surrounding it. Sometimes letting go of something is a very hard thing to do, especially if we never really got a chance to do things the way we wanted, because we think the situation might be different if we had the opportunity to try.
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Anything Worth Having Is Worth Fighting For
Anything you truly want must be worth fighting for.
To determine our goals and aspirations in life we must truly be concerned with what ignites passion into our lives. A lot of us in this world work jobs making enough money to live off of and to survive, not even thinking about making plans, or setting goals to achieve and accomplish what may be in our dreams. It is important to remember to not let our circumstances keep us away from our dreams, no matter what they may be.
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