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Quotes About Love Hate
Quotes about Love_Hate
Saturday, August 24
Truth is transparent, truth is universal, truth is ever lasting, truth is one and truth is god. It is very hard to hide the truth how much ever you try and therefore, being true is next to godliness. Truth does not fear anybody and it tries not to hide itself. But being always true is practically humanly impossible as someone said, if you cannot tell the truth, don�t hide the truth.

Speaking the truth gives a clear conscience, peace of mind, fearlessness in any situation and the courage to move bravely on in life. Truth is so powerful that even god cannot hide it and will stay on, as long as the sun and the moon exist. Cultivate the habit of being true by sending the following quotes to your friends or others. Truth is the accomplice that will come with you till the end of your life and beyond.