Heartbreak Quotes & Sayings

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Heart break refers to the distress and sadness that bothers you when your relationship goes kaput. When you fall out with your partner or have a break up, you end up having a heart break if you were deeply attached to the person. Heart break gets more serious when you discover that your partner was cheating on you or when your partner betrays you. It is very difficult to provide oneself some solace when you suffer a heart break. People even commit suicide is they suffer a serious heart break which completely shatters them from within. Henry Rollins had once remarked, “Life will not break your heart. It'll crush it.” Heart break can be dealt with support of your family and friends. Your best friend can be a source of relief and act as a means of busting stress or venting out frustration. You can share your thoughts with your friends and family and their support will pull you out of this quandary.


Jhiess Krieg

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