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Quotes About Forgiveness
Quotes about Forgiveness
Forgiveness is a beautiful trait that cannot be practiced by all. It is one such character which is easier to preach than to practice. It requires a great magnanimity to forgive whether it is a friend or an enemy. Friends ought to be forgiven because otherwise it cannot be termed as friendship but if you forgive an enemy, he or she becomes a new addition to your list of friends. What brings more joy in life than to have an unending list of friends?

In fact, it is said that forgiveness is the sweetest revenge. To err is human and forgiving is divine. If you are not forgiven for any mistake done by you- known or unknown, you will feel the pain it causes. So, you can easily get to the higher position of divinity by forgetting and forgiving the mistakes of others. Go through the following quotes and draw inspiration from them.
To err is human; to forgive, divine. This quote from Alexander Pope is among the best known forgiveness quotes and sayings and contains wisdom for all ages. The ability to forgive heals not only the person being forgiven, but also offers healing to the person doing the forgiving. We have a great collection of quotes centered on the concept of forgiveness, including love and forgiveness quotes, asking for forgiveness quotes and more.
Although forgiveness brings healing, it isn't an easy road. Whether you are asking for forgiveness or offering forgiveness for a wrong committed against you, we have forgiveness quotes and sayings that will express your sentiments perfectly. These quotes have the ability to help you let go of the pain and allow love and healing to take its place.
Browse our website to find quotes from the Bible, love and forgiveness quotes and asking for forgiveness quotes that will warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye. Click through the pages to find forgives quotes and sayings that will express your sorrow or inspire forgiveness and healing in your life and the lives of the people you love. Use the tags at the top of the page to select specific topics in the subject of forgiveness, such as love, faith, anger, truth and other topics to help you find a fitting quote.