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Improvement means to make better and go one step forward than your present state or condition. However, good one may be at some or the other task, there always exist some scope for improvement because no one is perfect in this world. We are consistently striving for perfection in our quest for excellence but we cannot attain it. No one can be perfect anyhow. In the words of Justin Winsor, “A collection of good books, with a soul to it in the shape of a librarian, becomes a vitalized power among the impulses by which the world goes on to improvement.” There are several books for self-improvement that are available in the market. You can just go through them and they’ll teach you how to stay focussed and composed, even in testing circumstances. In the words of Sergei Bubka, “And, of course, method is very important as is a high-quality specialist (trainer) working with you to keep you going in the right direction for your improvement and to help create results.”


Terry Mark

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