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Apologizing is required when you feel a lot of guilt within after doing something wrong. Apologizing makes sense only when you sincerely realize your mistakes and take lessons from them too. Apologizing is a means of confessing that what you did was wrong and that you want to make up for it as well. But, at times, our emotions prevail over our mind and we keep apologizing and pleading innocence when we hold ourselves accountable for some mad action or misdeed. However, one has to draw the line somewhere. Apologizing at the cost of one’s own self-respect is foolhardy. If you apologize to someone and the other person does not give any heed to your apology, then it is worthless apologizing and lowering your self-esteem and dignity. Your efforts are futile and may not reap any fruit. You end up disgracing yourself badly and the over-apologizing takes a huge toll on your self-respect, eventually.


Sonya Parker

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