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Automobiles are the best invention of man and have pushed us to the stage where we can’t imagine our life without automobiles. It needs a lot of care and level- headedness to drive automobiles because in case of an accident, it is not the person who is at fault gets hurt but the other party too, for no fault of his. Dudley Moore said, “It takes 8460 bolts to assemble an automobile and one nut to scatter it all over the road”. Though automobiles show the intelligence of man, they have made him lazier. Even if you own a car, you are advised to take a walk to keep good health. Automobiles are indeed a form of necessary evil but they should be restricted to as low as can be. The love for various kinds of automobiles is a passion and pastime for some, while they are considered as luxury by the lesser mortals. Automobiles clearly reflect the various faces of humans and here are some of the quotes on automobiles.

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