Insomnia Quotes & Sayings

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Insomnia is the disorder which pertains to difficulties while sleeping or difficulties in falling asleep. Insomnia is treated as both a sign and a symptom. Insomnia can be of three kinds basically i.e. primary, secondary and co-morbid insomnia. One widely used definition of insomnia is that it is the difficulty in initiating and sustaining sleep, or non-restorative sleep. Insomnia is coupled with daytime functioning impairment and stress, mental tension for more than a month. Insomniac is a person who is suffering from the disorder of insomnia. An insomniac suffers from non-refreshing sleep and stays tired all day long. The major causes or risk factors that can cause insomnia are alcohol, anxiety, coffee and stress. One can minimize the aforementioned risk factors to avoid becoming an insomniac. According to Patty Duke, “The mania started with insomnia and not eating and being driven, driven to find an apartment, driven to see everybody, driven to do New York, driven to never shut up.”



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