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Being who you are is all about being yourself. You should not change for anyone and just be yourself. You are unique and you ought to highlight your own identity. Project your real image in front of the world rather than projecting your image in a fake manner. People give credit to all those who always behave like their actual self without being influenced by others. It is seen that one might feel the need of changing for someone at times. This is the time when one forgets the necessity of being you are. You should avoid changing yourself for others. Those who like you would love to see you the way you are. Lets others accept the real you. Others ought to accept you the way you are rather than asking you opt for a change. People don’t ask you to change until and unless you have some bad habits which need to be eradicated. Bad habits should certainly be nipped in the bud. In the words of Joseph Campbell, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”


Air Atman In Ravi

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