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Limits are defined as points beyond which something may or may not pass. Limits are restriction on the amount or size of something. A limit is set so as to keep something under restricted levels. To stay within your limits means to behave in a contained or restricted manner, in keeping with the social and moral ethics of the society. The word “limit” is a concept used in calculus to describe the value that a function or sequence approaches, when the input or the index approaches some value. Limits are essential to calculus and are used to define continuities, integrals and derivatives. In the words of Mohandas Gandhi, “A principle is the expression of perfection, and as imperfect beings like us cannot practise perfection, we devise every moment limits of its compromise in practice.” A healthy human environment is one in which we try to make sense of our limits, of the accidents that can always befall us and the passage of time which inexorably changes us. Otto Schily had once remarked, “Arresting and detaining these dangerous people can make sense, at least until a final decision is reached on their deportation. However, such detention must always be subject to time limits and court review.”


DrAnil Kumar Sinha

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