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Self-worth is belief in one’s own potential and abilities. Self-worth is equivalent to what we call self-esteem. It is extremely important to have a realization of your own self-worth. Realization of one’s own self-worth brings a lot of confidence which is a very important asset to enhance your entire personality. People with low level of self-esteem cannot carry themselves with confidence in public and fail to create an impression. All of us are unique creations of God and certainly possess some or the other quality which sets us apart from others. Having a clear realization of those qualities will help you to realize your own self-worth which will help you to carry yourself confidently in public. No one can help you in acknowledging and respecting your own abilities. You cannot depend on others to show you your qualities. Only you can bring your qualities to the fore by realizing your own self-worth.


Dr Anil Kumar Sinha

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