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The quality of being steadfast or constant is called steadfastness. Steadfast people are those who always have some fixed opinion on a certain matter. They stay constant and firm in their resolve. It is not easy to shake their firm resolve that easily. Steadfastness makes one quite firm and fixed in his or her opinion. Ludwig Van Beethoven had once remarked, “This is the mark of a really admirable man: steadfastness in the face of trouble.” Steadfastness may be a negative quality in case of circumstances that require you to change your opinions and adapt in case of different or adverse circumstances. Steadfast people will find hard to adjust in case of any trouble as such and they will be unwilling to comprise with their thoughts and opinions. According to Henrietta Szold, “To the rest of us the supreme vindication of the scholar's view lies in their invincible allegiance to the Jewish heritage - a steadfastness that has been matched only by that of their rescuers.”


Sonya Parker

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