Conservatism Quotes & Sayings

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Conservatism is the act of being conservative. Conservatism forces people to stick to old rules, traditions and conventions. Conservative people oppose change which is always welcomed. Change is the law of nature but conservative people are against this change. Conservatism is only a bane to the society since it does not lead to progress of the society. A society can progress if it welcomes change and moves from strength to strength. According to Garret Hardin, “Continuity is the heart of conservatism. Ecology saves the heart”. Conservative people oppose change and want to adhere to the continuity of beliefs, practices and rituals. Conservative people hinder a society’s progress since they never advocate novelty or newness. Conservatism should be entertained only when it comes to ceremonies and rituals where everything should be done keeping in mind the old traditions and conventions. Ceremonies should be solemnized the traditional way.


Tasneem Hameed

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