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The term Goodnight is a term used to bid farewell or to tell someone that you are leaving in the midst of night time usually. Goodnight is used by many in American culture when they are telling a loved one that they hope they have a “good” night and that they will see them in the morning. The memory of our parents tucking us in and saying Goodnight is a memory that many of us are able to carry with us for the rest of our lives. Never undermine or take for granted how important showing your loved ones that you care, and wishing them well if it is going to be a while before you see them again really is. It not only shows that you care and that you love them, it also lets them know that if they are in need of someone to lean on at any given moment, that you will be there for them. Whether it is goodnight, goodbye, take care or whatever you choose to say when leaving the company of someone important to you, be sure that you say it with meaning and most importantly, with care.



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