Devotion Quotes & Sayings

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Devotion means great love or loyalty for someone or something. Devotion arises when you are enthusiastic or madly like someone or something. Those who are in a relationship are very much devoted to each other. They pledge complete loyalty and dedication to each other as partners. Some people are so popular, that they have millions of male and female devotees i.e. fans. A devotee can also be someone who firmly believes and worships some particular God or religion. In the words of Adela Florence Nicholson, “Often devotion to virtue arises from sated desire.” Devotion basically means sticking to someone or something, for eternity. No other entity or individual can influence your devotion for anyone. Devotion is based on pure likelihood for something or someone. At times, ignorance may also give rise to devotion. Such devotion is temporary and does not last long because its origin is weak.


Chloe Williams

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