Destruction Quotes & Sayings

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Destruction means the act of destroying. To destroy means to make something non-existent, either by damaging or by attacking it. Destruction is never called for. Destruction causes huge losses. Various natural calamities that occur cause large-scale destruction of life and property. Destruction imposes a challenge in front of the local or national authorities, to make up for the catastrophe, as soon as possible. Destruction ruins everything. It is very difficult to recover from the losses caused by destruction. Destruction leaves no chance of resurrection too, several times, when it occurs on a very large-scale. In the words of Evelyn Waugh, “Art is the symbol of the two noblest human efforts, i.e. to construct and to refrain from destruction.” A country should be well-equipped with resources to recover from the destruction caused by a calamity.


Alvin Conway

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