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“Exams” is another way of referring to examinations. Exams comprise a set of questions or exercises to test the knowledge and skill of someone who intends to write them. Other than knowledge and skill, exams test the examinee’s sense of keeping himself cool and calm under pressure. The biggest battles are fought in the mind. When one writes an exam, one is bound to face pressure to excel and perform to the best of his potential. Nevertheless, pressure is what you take. How you cope with the tremendous pressure that usually builds up during exams will largely influence the result and outcome of the exam. The cooler you stay, the better you will perform. To crack an exam, the thing, which is of prime importance, is focus. You should focus on what is needed and required to be done in order to crack a particular exam. A deviated mind, which lacks focus, will never be able to perform to his extreme potential.


Terry Mark

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