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Favoritism is found everywhere I workplace, in family, in office, on kids, from grandparents, for parents and so on. Favoritism is an evil that ahs the capability to break up the bondage between the closets of two people. When favoritism is shown on one person, obviously the other person feels neglected and will result in despondency and despair. Favoritism should not be shown by true leaders who have the responsibility to lead a group of people, party or nation. Similar ns cool, favoritism slowly but surely create a void in the minds of other neglected students and create a scar in their memory. “God does not show favoritism “are the words of bible. Each individual has his or her won merit and this should be identified and appreciated. If this truth in dawned on the minds favoritism will never occur. There are a lot of quotes on favoritism that suggest how evil it is and what are is effects. Read them and share them with others.


Ronda Rousey

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