Funny Catholic Quotes & Sayings

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A funny Catholic is a Catholic who is free from provincial prejudices or attachments and has a happy-go-lucky attitude towards life. Funny Catholic takes his life easy and tries to go with the flow. Funny Catholic faces all the challenges of life, head-on. A funny Catholic is light-hearted and always sports a smile on his face. Funny Catholic people believe in Catholicism and worship in the Catholic Church which is maintained as in compliance with the original Christian church. Many funny Catholic incidents, quotes and narrations can be found on line which can excite a lot of humor. Funny Catholic incidents also happen occasionally. One of them that are cited was a funny Catholic priest who took a coffin to church in one moment of extreme madness and insanity. For more funny Catholic quotes, maxims and incidents, one can browse the net which has a lot of such funny Catholic information in store.



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