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“A horse is an angel without wings”, say people who are passionate lovers of horse. It needs great skill and patience to tame a horse and once it is tamed, it plays according to your tunes like music. Undoubtedly, horse is the most useful animal and you ask any traveler who will absolutely agree with this. Pat Pirelli says, “A horse does not care how much you know, until he knows how much you care “. Care and not fine stables make a good horse. If your spirits are too low, take a ride on a horse along the meadows, meanders, hillsides and you see that your spirits are rising as high as the heaven since it gives a great sense of freedom and elevation. Horses are stable friends of humans and we have seen numerous instances where they have saved the life of their masters. The time spent on the back of horse is not at all wasted as each and every minute; we learn new things and get closer to the horse.


Jarod Kintz

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