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We have often heard the maxim that beauty is only skin deep. This maxim emphasizes inner beauty, i.e. beauty of the heart because outward beauty or what we call physical beauty is ephemeral. It does not last all your life. You are bound to get aged, have those wrinkles on your face, put on weight with time and so on and so forth. Though there is always an option to stay fit but sooner or later, the teenage charm will fade away. What keeps people tied to you when you are no longer that attractive or in your prime? It is your inner beauty. If a person is good at heart and is well-natured and civilized, he will be respected by all and sundry. Inner beauty comes from a mind and heart that is completely devoid of any ill feelings such as jealousy, malice, anger and the likes. A person who is beautiful on the inside has a very clear and clean mind.


Hermann J Steinherr

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