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Compliment is the act of appreciating someone else for the qualities that he or she possesses like bravery, courage etc. Compliment is one way of acknowledging something that you find appealing and worthwhile. It can be someone's looks, talents or any outstanding feat accomplished by the person, in particular. Compliment is something which everyone loves to receive. It boosts up a person's level of self esteem and his morale. In the words of Marquis De Vauvenargues, "If people did not compliment each other, there would be no society", and rightly so. Compliments are welcomed and entertained by each and every individual and they go a long way in building a society. Compliment for the sake of flattery is something that guys indulge in, to impress girls. Girls can hardly resist flattery. Compliment should be given to someone who is worth the praise and not just wasted in impressing or flattering anyone.


Leo Buscaglia

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