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Quotations are highly useful treasure that has been passed from one generation to another. Not all people are Nietzsche, Aristotle or Einstein. But yet, when the right circumstances strike, it is feasible that some quotations are born from ordinary people too which are abundant with meaning. Such quotations will be highly helpful for students or orators who make the best use of it. Quotations, when given in the right context and meaning, are capable of conveying the intended message in a crispy and sharp manner as compared to a load of words. Also, it gives great satisfaction when we find great people have also had the same line of thought as we do, under the same circumstances. This indeed is a surprise. For instance, quotations given on mother, love, education, and nature are so universal that they are given from an unknown author and fit so well to anyone in the remotest place on earth. Thus, quotations serve as great source of inspiration. Read these quotations and feel the universal feeling common to all that hold good for many years.


Jeremy Legend

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