Arrogant Quotes & Sayings

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Arrogance is the offspring of over confidence. Arrogance is evident in the behavior of certain people who would like to show it off. It can be mild too but it will be evident. Arrogant people are despised by others because it gives a sense of hatred towards them. People who have achieved great things in life have, in some point of life, been arrogant. But arrogance is acceptable as long as it does not hurt the feelings of others. Another view to arrogance is that it hides the ignorance as they put on arrogance as a veil to hide their ignorance. People fear to approach arrogant persons and this helps them to hide the fact that they know nothing. To quote Samuel butler, ‘the truest characters of ignorance are vanity pride and arrogance “so, here is a collection of quotes on arrogance which will he helpful and offer guidance to identify such people


Dr Anil Kumar Sinha

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