Posterity Quotes & Sayings

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Posterity is the people in the future we all have an obligation towards our prosperity as that we gained from our fore fathers. We will be remembered only by our actions and nothing else. “Posterity gives every man his true value. The virtue of our life, the name and fame we have gained and also our wrong doings are all judged by our posterity.” To make this perfect, we have to take instances from our forefathers and follow their achievements while neglecting and avoiding their mistakes. “People will not look forward to posterity, who never looks backward to their ancestors’ said Edmund Burke. Also, it is our responsibility to pass on the morals, virtue, freedom, good environment, available natural resources to our posterity without causing a major damage to them. Here is a collection of quotes on posterity given by various writers and thinkers. Read them and utilize them to be sent as e-card or through mail.


Theodore Roosevelt

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