Lost Hope Quotes & Sayings

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'Hope is a rope that often swings you through life', an age old maxim, yet so true and prevalent in the present day context. When an opportunity is lost, one can at least suffice with the fact that there may well be another one knocking on our doorsteps in the near future. However, if hope is lost, one can be rest assured that it is pretty much the end of the road. Lost hope usually precedes the death knell in nearly every battle. Perhaps, the most detrimental factor to a cause is lost hope. The conventional mantra for success is 'ask, believe and receive'. If the belief isn't there, then all the efforts are but in vain. Lost hope can seldom be regained and takes a lot of courage and determination to do so. That having said, if regained, hope becomes only stronger. Once we are able to regain that lost faith in our very own self, the road to success gets only smoother.



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