Redemption Quotes & Sayings

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Redemption is the act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake. Having made a mistake, you should account for it and apologize if you feel sorry for it. No one gets several chances for redemption. So, make the most of your chance for redemption, whenever it comes your way. Keep your redemption plea polite and simple. Give a chance to the other party to listen to your redemption plea. But when you do feel sorry for your actions, do try atoning for them. If the other party does not respond, even after repeated redemption pleas, then it is better that you learn from your mistake and let go of the other person/party which/who is just not willing to listen to your redemption plea. Being human, we are bound to make mistakes and might deliberately or unwillingly hurt someone's interest in the process. In that case, you should definitely feel like redeeming your fault.



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