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Sports are essential for all to keep fit and healthy. It helps to enhance the health condition and also serves as a good way of burning those extra calories. All kinds of sorts are good and should be chosen depending upon the fitness and interest. Watching sports is also a great way of showing your enthusiasm for sports. Sports provide vivid examples of excellence. The character of a person is revealed through sports a sit helps to maintain discipline. “Sports do not build character they reveal it “says Heywood Broun. To excel in sports it is essential to put in hard work, dedication and determination. “Practice as if you are the worst, perform as if you are the best” says an anonymous quote. Sportspersons have to go through a lot of obstacles in order to climb the ladder of success and stay on. Similarly records are made to be broken and there is someone in the corner of the world to break the record created by a person. So there is constant pursuit of excellence. Read these collections of quotes on sports and share through e card or mail.



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