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A TV series is a segment of contents broadcast on television. These are basically a periodically recurring set of episodes. Each season a new set of episodes are broadcast. A TV series that is intended to broadcast only a definite number of episodes is called a miniseries. Television series can be categorised into two categories namely scripted and unscripted entertainment. While the former consist of animated series, award shows and drama series like teen drama, family drama, medical drama, action drama, soap opera, television comedy etc. The latter consists of game shows, reality shows and talk shows. TV series are a prominent mode of entertainment and they keep you tied up and involved you are done with watching the entire series. Some of the most famous TV series are Friends, The bold and the beautiful, desperate housewives, Top gear, The Simpsons etc. to name a few. According to Noah Hathaway, “Well, TV series tie you up. You can't do films while you're doing a TV series.”


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