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Boys are extremely casual human beings who take life easy, as it comes. Guys are the stronger sexes who are completely contrary from girls. Girls are supposed to be meek, docile and extremely down to earth on the other hand, boys are rough and tough beings. Boys suck especially that lot of boys who are all the time involved in some sort of unscrupulous activities. Boys who flirt around with girls and have several link-ups and flings are the most notorious of them all. Boys such are the ones who are extremely spiteful, malicious, and unscrupulous and play with the lives of people at will. Such boys even indulge in and consume drugs, alcohol etc. Such boys cannot be trusted and must be certainly kept at arm’s length. You can never trust guys or boys. They are the more notorious sex who is defamed because of their infidelity. Hence, according to girl, boys suck. Such boys cannot be trusted anyhow. David O. Russell had remarked, “I've done my best to work from a place of humility - always looking over your shoulder saying, "Does this suck?" and I think that's a good way to work. The other way to work is where you start to think, "I'm on fire, I'm amazing!" and I don't think that's the way to work.”


Farah Mustafa

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