Boredom Quotes & Sayings

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Boredom is the evil child of those who refuse to work or go any kind of job. It is the excuse offered by them because their laziness prevents them from doing anything constructive. Dylan Thomas says, “He who seeks rest finds boredom, he who seeks work finds rest “to get away from boredom is absolutely in our hands we are not destined to stay that way all along our lives. Man has the capability to change things that once he gets familiar with and becoming familiar is the first step towards boredom. You can be excused for any of your traits like angry, ignorant, sluggishness, and so on but not for boredom because when you get bored by some action you can as well switch over to the next without complaining of boredom. Do not allow your friends to get bored or you do not bore them instead, pass on these quotes on boredom which will be an eye opener to stay awake and alert always.


Barbara De Angelis

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