Beauty Pageant Quotes & Sayings

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Beauty pageants are judged by their external beauty and only a portion of their knowledge is being tested. Of course, there are many more beautiful women than those who are crowned in the beauty pageant but at least it gives an opportunity for those who want to get into the limelight and are working hard for it. Being crowned as the most beautiful women will certainly bring a lot of changes in the life of the woman. She gets into more responsibilities, more focus and of course more money. It can be usefully spent on various social activities because common people who do not heed to the advice of politicians or social activist have a habit of listening to the words of beauty pageants. This way, it can be utilized for the good of the society. Jennifer Hawkins once said, “My life since miss universe has been changed a lot. I have grown so much as a result of my travels and all my work with HIV/ AIDS programs. I am incredibly grateful for the things I have experienced.” Such is the power of beauty. Here is a collection of quotes n beauty pageant given by world class beauties. Read them they are interesting



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