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Books are the best friends of man. Even for a person who is physically challenged and unable to move from a bed or a chair, books server as the best friends. Books are the windows to the world and bring the entire world into your hand, without even moving from your place. Books are a treasure that should be reserved with great care and it takes a lot of passion, love and care to maintain book in the best condition. Great leaders, politicians, poets, storywriters have all been voracious readers of books. The knowledge gained from reading books can never be stolen from you, taken away by your friends an d has the tendency to grow more and more once you share it with others. Even in a journey through bus, train or flight, books are the best accomplice. There is no limit to the number of quotes on books and there is no limit to eh knowledge that you can get from them share the knowledge with your near and dear ones.


Terry Mark

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