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There is a thin line of difference between conceit and bragging. Johnny unitas defines this difference clearly as “conceit is bragging about yourself; confidence means you believe you can get the job done “. Bragging is one character that only leads to humiliation and defeat its root are based on false hope and lack of self confidence. Humility invites self respect and gives you more confidence but bragging that is based on self trumpeting and conceit will not make anyone believe in you. But some people like Muhammad Ali the boxing champion feels that bragging to some extent is necessary if you can back it up through some solid action. One Spanish proverb says if a person tells what he brags about; it is possible to tell what he lacks. Such bragging is a thing to be admonished and discouraged. The quotes on bragging give us a good moral on what qualities we should remove. Share them with others.


Hermann J Steinherr

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