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Helpfulness is providing help or assistance to others. In a society, it is the duty of every satisfied citizen to offer help to those who need them. John F Kennedy once said, “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich “. Helpfulness is found not only in humans even in animals too. When an elephant falls into a pit, we see many elephants surrounding and offering their trunk to get the affected animal out. So, we have to learn lessons from animals and birds and make this human life meaningful and supportive. Helpfulness can be in the form of actions or words or just a reassuring smile too. To quote Hubbard “often we can help each other through a hand grasp and a word of cheer” helpfulness can come from any one. Charles di..ens says “no one is useless in this world that lessens the burden of it to anyone else “. Let’s develop this trait.


Francis Of Assisi

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