Brotherly Love Quotes & Sayings

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Every male or female can have another sibling who is of male gender and is born of the same parents. Biologically, that person is referred to as a brother. In fact, brother is someone with whom one is associated by some circumstances of birth. Brothers are great source of support and strength and one can share some of our most secret information with our brothers, hoping that they won’t spill the beans. There is nothing in this world which can match brotherly love. Brotherly love is unmatched and unparalleled. Brothers act as a great sense of support and back-up and one can count upon them in the most needed times of aid and help. Brothers are always very protective and caring about their sisters and brotherly love is something which each sister badly longs for. According to Bertrand Russell, “Religions that teach brotherly love have been used as an excuse for persecution, and our profoundest scientific insight is made into a means of mass destruction.”



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