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Cosmetics and tears are the two weapons of women. Though it is superficial, it is hard to find a woman who does not use the minimum of cosmetics. But the real beauty is not obtained through cosmetics. Maria Mitchell says,” There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness”. Since face is the index of mind, the inner feelings are reflected through the face and if the mind is clear and free of blemishes, it automatically gives a glow to the face. The factories just produce cosmetics and sell hope in the pharmacies, without giving a thought to the harmful effects; most of the cosmetics are used by women. Cosmetic surgeries have also become very popular, of late, thanks to film celebrities. But the trend is only growing and it is hard to put an end to it. As long as there is a woman, cosmetics will continue to exist. Here are many quotes on cosmetics and the views of people on its use.



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